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The unbreakable link between tradition and modernity has always been a characteristic in the history of the Hausbrandt firm. Martino Zanetti, the company's current owner and sole director, has paid tribute to the place and date of origin in the firm's name: Hausbrandt Trieste 1892.

Following Mr. Zanetti's instruction, the production center in Nervesa della Battaglia uses the most modern technology from the silos where the unripe coffee is stored, to the selection, blending, roasting and packing plants where the entire process of coffee preparation is followed with the highest professionalism.

Where technique alone cannot guarantee the achievement of top quality, the dedication, persistence and passion of Mr. Zanetti steps in to assure Hausbrandt a prestigious role in the Italian and international markets.

More than 100 years after its establishment, Hausbrandt now has products in over 15,000 establishments worldwide. Italy, France, Germany, Greece, the United States, Polynesia, New Zealand, Patagonia, Japan, Korea, Australia are among many countries that carry Hausbrandt products.