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M. Philippe GUIGAL, Directeur General & Oenologue of E. GUIGAL, makers of more 100 point Robert Parker wines than any other single wine producer, has given his unqualified support to winesave. Legendary Winemaker Phillipe Guigal says:”Winesave actually works perfectly for opened bottles!” Mr. Guigal tested winesave at home at Chateau D’Ampuis during his wife Eve’s pregnancy and was so impressed by it that he happily provided his quote and will have winesave on the tasting table at Chateau D’Ampuis where all Maison Guigal tastings take place.

winesave is the first restaurant standard wine preservation system that is affordable for the average consumer and is the perfect solution for drinking any wine – including high quality wines such as M. Guigal’s, in moderation, over several days without any diminution of quality. ”

winesave is an easy way to use aerosol can filled with 100% pure food grade argon gas. Argon is widely recognized by winemakers and oenologists as the optimum solution to protect wine from oxidation. Until winesave, to use argon in restaurants or at home has required buying and installing expensive proprietary hardware and or refillable cartridges. winesave eliminates those issues with its easy to use recyclable aerosol can and consumer friendly price. winesave is the wine preservation system of choice for leading restaurants and consumers around the world.