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Finest, heat-resistant Borosilicat-Glass. The filter provides enough room for tea leaves to expand and develop their body. While gently steeping your tea, the hat prevents heat-loss and retains the aroma. When the brewing has finished the hat serves as a practical drip-off tray for the brewi..
COFFEE SPRINTER – The single cup coffee brewer, pour over for fresh coffee. The single-cup coffee brewer is the perfect solution for ultimate freshness. Place the COFFEE SPRINTER on your mug and introduce 2 tablespoons of ground coffee into the filter. The water distributor is inserted to pre..
The finum® glass systems are equipped with perfectly matching permanent filters – a simple and elegant solution for individual tea brewing. Each  system comes with a hat to prevent heat loss and to serve as drip-off tray after brewing. The double-wall glass keeps your drinks hot longer...
June Ronnefeldt Promotion Bundle!Bundle Consists of: 1 x Ronnefeldt Teavelope (Any flavour of your choice)1 x Ronnefeldt Leafcup (Any flavour of your choice)1 x free Ronnefeldt Tea MugPlease mention the flavour you would prefer upon checkout!..
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